Saturday, March 16, 2019 9:10 PM (about 4 years ago)


The bugs I have submitted patch for

Bug 1442249

What I do

Find inner logic from nested components, fulfill a right-click context menu

How do I solve the problem

Generally, learn by imitate. Just learn how to fulfill context menu from existing example, and check how existing code do copy to clipboard 😃 Besides, the key point here is to find the data that should be copied. At first, I try to use dfs(deep first search) to find the data by path, however, it's a high risk job, and may fail in some ways. With an glance of the code of treeview, I accidently find that it's a good idea to utilze the existing member object, which contains all the data needed. In the end, all the problem solved.

What I learnt

It's very to utlize the exisiting code for a huge codebase project, since many things which you want to do is not "new"

Bug 1457379

What I do

First find reason why websocket not shown in the request list, then using existing data to give a robust solution for websocket checking.

How do I implement the tests

In fact, as what I have said to Honza before, using default http server(sjs) to process websocket request doesn’t seem very good. A continuous solution is to utlize the websocket server while it relates to some Python script. But temporarily http server is used for test.